11 regular things folks believe in that science proved incorrect

What science actually is? It is simply the logical proof of nature. People think of science is the invention of cars, machines, space mission etc. In reality science is not as complicated as one think of it. Most of the time it gives simple logic to almost every activity of the day. Scientific misconceptions are all around from the time. A lot of scientific myths are there and being commonly used. Here we are going to enlist some common beliefs that science proved wrong.

11. Bats can’t see

Mostly we had a thought that bats don’t have eyes and they can’t see. It is not true. Bats had a pair of eye on the face and even they use them to see the world. Some bats even had the night vision capability as well. However bats use echolocation, sound waves to search their food.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

10. Gum takes years to digest

Saying that Gum takes seven years to digest is false in fact. Gums passes through our stomach in the same manners as the other foods do. Stomach processes the same behavior as it does with other food items.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

9. Bulls react to the colour red

As far as concerned with bull fighting, it is a common belief that bulls irritate of red color when a matador wave a red colored flag. The truth actually is, bulls can’t see red. Red looks gray to them. It is the waving and taunting of matador’s that irritate bulls not the red color.


11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

8. Seasons occur due to changing distances between earth and sun

In many parts of the world, we enjoy four seasons in a calendar year. Seasons are not because of the changing distances between earth and sun. When earth orbits the sun it tilts itself up to 23.40. That tilting of earth is the real cause of changing seasons round the globe.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

7. Humans use 10% of their brain capacity

“Albert Einstein used 11% of his brain” a very common misconception. In fact there is no parameter to measure which percentage of our brain is being used. There are only a small amount of neurons that do not keep functional the entire period. But most of the neurons are performing some activity every time.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong


6. Lightning  never strikes twice

People think if lightening had struck somewhere once it will never happen again. It is not true. Lightening is static electricity. It just needs a shortest path to travel to the ground. Whenever it found, will strike.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

5. Hairs and Nails grow even after death

Once someone is dead, none of his/her body part can keep growing. Sometimes we feel that nails and hairs of died persons grow long. In fact after death the skin of humans shrinks and because of it we feel grew nails and hairs.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

4. Putting a mobile charge pin in mouth can cause your child to die

Live pin of mobile phone charger can never cause someone even a kid to die. A typical mobile phone charger operates at 5V. That can develop a small current in micro amperes. Electric current that can hurt one is approximately 10A or more. In case of mobile phone charger there is no danger if someone put in the mouth while is plugged in.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

3. Humans have five senses

We study from school that humans have five senses. But actually we have more than twenty senses. Two very common are thermoception (Sense to feel temperature) and equlibrioception (Sense to keep balance).


11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

2. Sunflowers follow the sun

Sunflowers don’t follow the sun entire day. Sunflowers points towards the east every time. Mostly we judge this behavior in morning when sun is in east and sunflower looks following him.

11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong

1. The great wall of china can be seen from moon

What Neil Armstrong saw from moon to the earth? Most of us believe that Great Wall of China looks clear from moon. But it is not like that in fact. Only thing that is visible from moon are the lights on earth.
11 Common beliefs that science proved wrong


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