Saleable items

OK – so you have the ideas, can convey your message to your students but not quite a saleable product yet.

We don’t think you should be penalised because you are a bit short on time to put the “pretty” picture together for a saleable printed sheet set or your graphic art skills are a bit light, or any other reason your educational resources might not be “saleable” quality or layout just yet.

For this reason we are happy to offer you the option of our Layout design service.

What this entails..
You provide :
Your educational information,

Plus if you have:
your art,
your design

We put it together in saleable PDF format for you to provide on your site..

One off costs are per page

So simple converting of your direct documents to PDF
(no added layout changes or graphics) $1 per page..

Additional —

(layout changes ) $0.80 per page
(Add graphics ) $2.00 per graphic per page




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